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What is Local?

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What is Local? In every small town across the country, we all hear the same phrases…. “Shop Local”, “Community First”, “Buy Local” and the list will go on. What does it really mean to shop local? Shopping local is more…

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Prairie Plowing Days

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We recently released the 46 minute DVD of the Prairie Plowing Days that happened in Concordia, KS in August and September 2016. The event originally got rained out with a very wet late summer that pushed the world record attempt…

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Lets Talk Longevity

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Ever wonder why some vehicle graphics seem to last forever and others seem like it started to crack or peel way too soon? Of course we all will come up with some ideas of why…. In reality there are a…

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Something’s Different

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Have you noticed it yet?……. Most likely not, with the same great service and outstanding quality, our little name modification probably went unnoticed. We decided to modify the business name to better reflect what we do and where we are…

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